Calling It A Day: Rigging Of My Model For This Project

I decided to call it a day. The days upon days of headaches are over for now. I thought now was the best place to finish because I had the global control in place so I could move and scale the model without problems. I had to solve a number of issues along the way which caused a number of set backs to the timeframe I hoped to be finished in. I didn’t have the roll joints in for the legs because I couldn’t make them work properly for some reason. Even though I had built them before in a previous save but moved on to another save which didn’t have them in so that work was lost. I also didn’t put in space swapping which I wanted to do because I didn’t feel like I had enough time to figure it out. The same goes for the stretchy arms and legs. They would have made sense with this character since he is a bit cartoony. Maybe I’ll try it with the next model. But right now I feel like I need a bit of a break from rigging and just have some fun making some models instead and I’ll pick it back up in a few weeks maybe.

I also made a quick animation to demonstrate it working. I couldn’t export it out though for some reason. I had a number of warning errors and when I imported the model into Marmoset Toolbag, it was all crushed and deformed and only the face animation was working. So God knows what happened there. Yet another annoyance to solve…

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