I Found Out How To Export an Animation from Maya to Unreal Engine

It took a lot of trial and error but I think I’ve figured out how to export a model with animations from Maya. At first I tried File – Export and exporting as an .FBX with animation ticked and for some reason, the rig would end up all crushed looked when I opened it up in Unreal or Marmoset. So then I heard people were using Game Exporter from the File menu instead. So I tried that. And it wasn’t working either. It looked like it was exporting nothing or throwing up errors in Unreal when I exported from the Model tab with animations ticked. Because I figured that was how you exported everything, the model and the animations. But no. It turns out you just export from the Animation Clips tab and Export All and it will export your model with the animation attached.

You can see how it is confusing having a tick box for animations. But I found this way doesn’t work. At least in my case. You have to export from the animation tab.

This was a bit of a stumbling block from the last module when I was trying things but I’m very pleased to have found a solution and now I feel I could explore more of how Unreal Engine works because I’ll have my own work I can import into it.

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