A combination of work I’ve made in my own time and projects for college. Finished or unfinished.

Ace Lightning

Ace Lightning Rig. I made a model of a character from one of my favourite shows as a kid. I rigged him myself in Maya following a tutorial. It was extremely difficult and caused so much headaches so I doubt I’ll be rigging everything manually like this again but it taught me a lot and made me realise how valuable a decent plugin is.

Rockabilly Baby

I had this weird idea to make a channel for young kids on YouTube called Rockabilly Baby. Videos about 50s music and culture with a character dressed in the clothes and such. I tried a lip sync with his face. I feel like I should revisit the idea in future.

Genome Soldier

This one is far from finished but I was going to hopefully make a scene of the Nuclear Storage Building Level from Metal Gear Solid and create some nice renders. I actually enjoyed making something more complex like a gas mask. Trying to get the right shapes and wondering what parts to make separate pieces.

50s Diner

For a while, I’ve had a things for all things 50s Americana so I decided to make a 50s diner. I ended up using the renders for a competition. I felt like I was extremely limited with what I could do though as my old computer couldn’t render it very well and kept crashing when I wanted to use Xgen for characters’ hair.

Gregory Horror Show

I think this is still my favourite for how it turned out. I created the hotel hallway and the Gregory model from one of my favourite old anime/videogames. Not a great deal of people are familiar with it but I had fun with it and I haven’t seen anyone else do anything similar.

Solid Snake

This is just a model in Zbrush but I think I captured his face shape just right. I need to use this model in future and try and make a low poly out of it to animate with.

Project Ice

This was for the personal animation module for Level 6 at University. There’s a lot I could definitely improve. The background and animation itself could definitely be redone. I had less than a month to make it all. So, modelling, texturing, rigging with AS5, animating, rendering, editing all done by me.

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