James Taylor From Arcus Animation Stream

We listened to a great talk by James Taylor who runs Arcus Animation where he introduced himself and gave some good advice about running a business. It was actually really insightful. He talked about his own journey and gave some great advice about what he learned and also how he has social media pages calledContinue reading “James Taylor From Arcus Animation Stream”

Why Won’t My Work Port To Another PC??

Twice now I’ve had the annoying problem of trying to move from one PC to another using Maya which has stopped me being able to do some rendering work at college seeing as the PC at college is better than mine at home. I thought that you would use File – Archive, which zips yourContinue reading “Why Won’t My Work Port To Another PC??”

I Found Out How To Export an Animation from Maya to Unreal Engine

It took a lot of trial and error but I think I’ve figured out how to export a model with animations from Maya. At first I tried File – Export and exporting as an .FBX with animation ticked and for some reason, the rig would end up all crushed looked when I opened it upContinue reading “I Found Out How To Export an Animation from Maya to Unreal Engine”

Calling It A Day: Rigging Of My Model For This Project

I decided to call it a day. The days upon days of headaches are over for now. I thought now was the best place to finish because I had the global control in place so I could move and scale the model without problems. I had to solve a number of issues along the wayContinue reading “Calling It A Day: Rigging Of My Model For This Project”