Writing Instruction Guide for Rigging in Maya

I’ve been wrestling with rigging in Maya. It’s difficult to know which path to take to start making rigs. A lot of the resources I find are a bit different to one another and can be confusing to grasp when you don’t know what things are. So I decided to start writing down exactly what to do and where to do it in Maya into a .txt file as a kind of instruction pamphlet for myself. I’m creating it by watching the Rigging in Maya series by AntCGI with the hopes that I may not need it in future if I keep using Maya for rigging more and more. But right now I struggle to remember steps to take or how something behaves or what settings to use. So I’m just writing it all down. Some sections are still confusing where he makes a mistakes and backtracks or doesn’t explain something the best but I’m going to keep going and see if I can follow it all along to make my own rig when done. It should be easier than watching the video and having to keep pausing and rewinding.

It’s taking ages but I should hopefully be able to follow along with it better than the videos over and over

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