How Things Are Going

3D or 2D arrrggh….

I keep having to decide which one to pursue because it always feels like there isn’t enough time to do both. Especially with just the amount of technical stuff you have to learn with 3D before you even start making anything proper. 2D is better in that sense that you can churn stuff you’ve made out a lot quicker because you’re not having to learn how to do something as much. it’s more about just getting frames drawn. But I feel the final piece for a 3D project can look a lot better than 2D. Especially since not a lot of ordinary people know how to make things in 3D so they’re blown away by it a lot more than just drawings. The threshold to get into 3D is a lot more difficult is what I’m saying. Especially if you want to know rigging and animation too.

But then again, it’s better to be more diverse with a portfolio. Companies would likely be more impressed if you work in 2D and 3D.

I need to use every bit of time available to me in learning what I need to in 3D so I can hopefully use it next year for the final proper project for college. I need to be able to rig characters and animate them so I can make a short film.

So far I’ve written a number of antcgi videos down for instructions on how to rig a biped. And now I’ve started trying to go through that text and use it practically. So far, it is working quite well and probably quicker than just watching the videos over and over.

I also need to get my Futurecop video done. But I’m thinking maybe don’t rush it too much.

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