Why I Won’t Be Getting a PlayStation 5 at Launch

Usually, I’m so excited about console launches. I was the first person I knew to have a PlayStation 3 on Launch day and a PlayStation 4 on launch day. But with PlayStation 5’s launch looming, I’ve decided not to just jump in day one.

Launch Titles

The initial launch titles don’t really excite me other than Demon’s Souls. The main interest for me is the sequel to 2018’s God Of War which was a masterpiece. And we likely won’t see that for another two years.


The price of the gaming hobby in general is starting to put me off more and more too. £70 for one game is just ridiculous. £50 was pricey enough. There’s no way I’m going to fork out £70 each time I want a new release. I’d rather wait for the inevitable price decrease and I can pick up the launch titles much cheaper.

No VRR Yet

There’s also talk that VRR(Variable Refresh Rate) isn’t currently working for PS5 and they need to release an update for it. And since I’ve got an LG OLED ready and waiting, it would be a bit of a waste if it didn’t support it so it’s better to wait until it can.

No Time

I feel like I just haven’t got the time to really sit down and play. I’m working on college projects and when I’m not, I’m at work in a warehouse putting boxes away to earn money. And when I have downtime, I’m usually just watching YouTube videos or looking after my nephew when he comes over.

Massive Backlog

I’ve still got games on the shelf I’ve not played yet or not finished. I’ve got a Steam library on PC too that has games I’ve not properly touched yet either.

Next Gen Doesn’t Feel Very “Next Gen”

It may be because I’ve been on PC a while now so I’ve already been able to see new features used that consoles haven’t been able to see. Games already looked better than consoles for me for a number of years. It may also just be me getting older and wiser so I can spot the limitations of things easier which takes away the fun and excitement.

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