Potential Platforms For Sharing My Work

Youtube is good because it is the most well known platform and probably has the largest viewer base. But it is full of many types of videos and isn’t specialised. But it’s the easiest site to direct someone to if you want to show them something and pretty much everyone has an account on it.

I’ll eventually set up something on Vimeo but I feel like I need to make something more substantial to be on it. It seems like a site for the more serious crowds of a certain field and seems to be one of the chosen platforms for artists and animators.

I chose WordPress over another site maker to set up as my own for a few reason. One being that I’ve used it in the past so I felt like I wouldn’t be completely bewildered by it. And two, I like the fact the site name doesn’t force you to have .blog or .myportfolio or something in the address. To me, it looks a bit more professional at first glance.

I feel like Instagram is great for sharing photos. Especially for behind the scenes style and is good for a blog or diary to be able to look back in picture form at what you were up to. It’s great for reflecting and it’s easy to just upload a photo and add tags to it to attract specific people who are interested in those tags. The limitation you could bring up though is that the photos have to be cut down or videos even have to be cut down to a certain size or length.

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