Places To Show My Work?

Basically anywhere is probably good to share my work. The more places it is, the more likely it will get noticed and the more feedback, (good and bad) I’d receive. Any competitions I get time to take part in such as Animade – Full Secs, Loopdeloop, Monday’s Challenge. They’re all potential places to run into people who may be interested in what I’m doing. Certain competitions have set rules that can sometimes stifle creativity or have a strict deadline but it’s also true of the industry too and probably a good way to get used to it. Sites like Newgrounds are also good because they’re like YouTube but exclusively for animation so all the people on it are there to watch animations. With stuff like Full Secs, the audience I imagine will be quite small but there’s potentially more industry people with their eye on them for talent. And the same may be true for Monday’s Challenge as it’s on Instagram. Somebody might see your work on there and want to collaborate with you or offer you some work even.

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