My New Year’s Resolution

Over the Christmas period I was getting pretty excited about 3D animation after looking into it all more. I decided to buy Zbrush 2021.5 to sculpt 3D models. But the program is very difficult to learn so I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution to get good at using it. I’ve tried it in the past but never committed to it by buying the full version. I wanted to do it properly too by following some full tutorials instead of just random videos about specific parts on YouTube, although I can still use those. I’ve bought some tutorials on Udemy so I’m pretty eager to get through them all. Hopefully, I’ll see a big improvement this time next year with how I’m using Zbrush. I’ve also bought Marmoset 4 for when I’ve made the models in Zbrush so I’ll need to learn that too.

What I’m currently making so far and some courses I’ve bought.

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