Identifying My Strengths and Weakness


These are two strengths I could think of when I think of myself making animations

  • Ambition

I tend to think big and try to make something pretty elaborate. Even if it isn’t always called for. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist so will go over and scrutinise details until I’m satisfied. I’ve always got some idea of what I want to create, even if it doesn’t always come to fruition.

  • Good with Technology

I’m definitely not the fastest when it comes to learning something new and can often be quite stubborn to take something new onboard. But when I do, with time, I can become really good with something. A new piece of software for instance. I will be pretty clueless at first. But once I know what I’m doing, I like to be left to it and get something good done.


These are two weaknesses that instantly came to mind when I think about when I’m drawing for an animation

  • Drawing Ability

I’ve always thought my drawing ability could improve. Particularly when it comes to people. I’m not great when it comes to drawing the human body and certain features of the face I tend to struggle with. Such as the nose. Especially on an animated head turn. I struggle to picture what a nose is drawn like from certain angles. I also struggle with the spacing between features of a head and just try to guess by eye.

  • Not Planning a Project Properly

I don’t always plan everything out properly and end up losing interest a few days into a project because there’s no real structure to it. I feel like I’m a very objective driven person and I don’t know what to do next because I haven’t made guidelines to follow and keep me going. I always waste days creating a short scene that probably takes a lot longer than intended because I haven’t just worked it out with an Animatic or even a Boardomatic.

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