Writing Instruction Guide for Rigging in Maya

I’ve been wrestling with rigging in Maya. It’s difficult to know which path to take to start making rigs. A lot of the resources I find are a bit different to one another and can be confusing to grasp when you don’t know what things are. So I decided to start writing down exactly whatContinue reading “Writing Instruction Guide for Rigging in Maya”

Why Have I Only Just Learned About This??

The Cutter node in Toon Boom makes life so much easier for creating shadows. No more worrying about spilling over the lines when drawing them. It just makes me think I should definitely be looking into Harmony’s Node Editor more because there’s so many nodes and I haven’t even tried most of them. There’s aContinue reading “Why Have I Only Just Learned About This??”

Current Thoughts and What I’ve Been Up To

So I’ve been continuing with my 2D animation in Toon Boom harmony. There are moments where I feel like I’m getting back into it. And discovering better ways to get the work done. One of the biggest where I discovered I could essentially swap which Art Layers can be used for what purpose. I findContinue reading “Current Thoughts and What I’ve Been Up To”

I finally created some 3D concept images for my 2D animation

It has taken me a good number of days to come up with the final images. A lot of the hours towards the end was figuring out how to pose in Zbrush with Zspheres, then Rendering images, then working out how to use them in Photoshop to make a decent final image. The tutorial IContinue reading “I finally created some 3D concept images for my 2D animation”

I’ve Been Buying PC Parts During Black Friday

Looking to the future, I realised I would eventually be needing to buy a new PC. Especially since mine is now like six years old. i7-4790k and GTX980ti have been great but they’re starting to get left behind in terms of technology now. And something my up-to-date would definitely help with my 3D work. SoContinue reading “I’ve Been Buying PC Parts During Black Friday”