Animation Mixer Stream

I was quite nervous but attended a livestream set up by It was full of interesting people. I forget how there’s a whole world out there also making creative stuff. Especially since we’ve been spending more time stuck in the house. All in different fields of animation and film so I felt a bitContinue reading “Animation Mixer Stream”

Intro to 3D Complete

Just finished the Intro to 3D module for college. I used it as an excuse to make a basic character from scratch through Zbrush to Maya. So I Sculpted it, Retopo’d it, UV Mapped it, Baked it, Painted it and Rendered it. The first time I’ve ever took something properly all the way so it’sContinue reading “Intro to 3D Complete”

What have I been up to the past few months?

I’ve been a bit quiet so I thought I’d drop in and just fill you in on what’s been happening. I’ve been buying more and more tutorials to work through to understand different 3D programs and workflows. So far, I’ve got a much better grasp of Zbrush than I did when I started, I’m slowlyContinue reading “What have I been up to the past few months?”

Trying To Learn Adobe Illustrator

So yesterday, I spent more than three hours trying to learn the basics of the program. I feel like I’ll probably forget what I’ve just learned but at least I sort of know what someone is talking about now when they’re trying to explain how to do something. I just need to keep practicing withContinue reading “Trying To Learn Adobe Illustrator”