Am I Saved?

I recently tried a plugin for Maya…

…And it just spurred a whole load of excitement. This could be what I’ve been looking for to get rid of my rigging woes and just let me be an animator.

Its not perfect, but I’d rather take a day of messing around trying to get a rig to work on this than spending a month, manually rigging something myself.

If I can figure out all the kinks, then it makes me excited about what I could create.

A 3D geordie cartoon? A Metal Gear Solid based animation? Silent Hill animation? These things have all been flashing through my mind. I really hope this is the answer.

This model came out really well. The next one I made didn’t though so it can be finnicky. But I hope I can just use this as my solution in future so I can just create things instead of fussing over technical stuff in the background.

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