Last Assignment This Year

Our Last Assignment is Storytelling. I decided on a setting of a 50s Diner. I’m about halfway there. I’ve been knuckling down and just creating assets for the scene.

I think the signage is looking good. I need to make some paths, road, plants around the building

inside it getting there. I’m not sure why there’s missing textures at the back there, I’ll have to investigate that. But every asset in the scene I’ve made I’ve placed in the scene so far.

I’ve also started making clothes for the people in the diner. I’ve made some converse, jeans, leather jacket, shirt, boots so far. I still need to make some more uniform or suit type clothes.

I’m worried about time I have left but hopefully I can make something with all the assets in the end.

It has been good so far to learn the best way to make things and set them up in Maya. I’ve of course been writing down my findings to move forward with.

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