Unreal Engine 5 is Out Now

The fact that Unreal Engine 5 has properly launched now makes me feel like I definitely need to step up and get learning how to use it now.

Many industry developers seem to be opting to use it more and more now too. Apparently the next Witcher game from CD Projekt Red will be using Unreal Engine. In some ways it can be a good thing but it’s also a shame that proprietary game engines are becoming a thing of the past. It means everything starts to learn the same. You can often tell when something is running on a certain engine. I remember back in the day with Unreal Engine 3. People could always tell it was UE3 because of the overly shiny surface textures.

But yes, I need to learn Unreal Engine. I’m thinking over next winter may be the best time since i spend a lot of time in the house then.

Also here’s a nice little video I also watched recently on how to create a Music Video in Unreal Engine.

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