Another Rigging Update

Things are going pretty well.

I’m pretty much up to painting skin weights now. I added some roll joints so the limbs will rotate more realistically. I can’t quite tell if they work the way they’re supposed to though. I did run in to some problems. I noticed some polygons on the hands were a bit messed up so I had to go back and repair it. Luckily you can export the weights and import them back in. So you can bind and unbind if such problems arise which is very helpful. One more thing i’ve noticed is the inside sides of the mouth need some geometry because they currently just show the backfaces of the polygons of the face so it means there won’t be a texture on the other side for the mouth interior. I did make a throat which is attached to the teeth but I may need to rework things so I can create a mouth interior instead. I may be what I need to do from now on. Have the mouth bag attached to the actual skin of the face and having teeth/gums separate.

It took some time to work out how to get the teeth to work with the jaw. If I remember back, I think I had to Merge them with the gums and then paint the bottom gum/teeth to the jaw.

Once I’ve painted everything and all of it is looking good, I’m going to work out how to make some kind of root control to attach everything to and be able to scale everything. Hopefully it isn’t too difficult. We’ll just have to give it a go and make sure to save multiple iterations of the rig in case something goes wrong and I need to go back.

A short video showing the face half working

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