Current Thoughts and What I’ve Been Up To

So I’ve been continuing with my 2D animation in Toon Boom harmony. There are moments where I feel like I’m getting back into it. And discovering better ways to get the work done. One of the biggest where I discovered I could essentially swap which Art Layers can be used for what purpose. I find it much better to use the Colour layer as the Line layer and the Underlay layer as the Colour layer. Because it gives you an extra layer on top to work worth. Using opacity for the actual layer and not the brush colour for shadows is a hell of a lot better too.

It is good to actually feel like I’m pushing forward, making something. But I’ve been really wanting to concentrate on 3D stuff at the same time. I’ve been recording down in a text file, ANT CGI videos on how to rig in Maya to see if it could help with learning. And it cuts out having to keep watching the videos over and over. But it has taken two days to write it so far and I estimate there could be another four days or so of writing. But I really want to get this learned this year. It is my New Years Resolution.

Going back to 2D feels hard when you’re not feeling confident with drawing. You need to be good at drawing first and foremost and some days I feel my drawing is especially terrible. So I need to get better at that. But then I think I don’t really have the time to concentrate on 2D and 3D problems. So it makes me think I need to choose one to go forward with and mostly stick with. But then again, I’m worried because I haven’t even started animating yet in 3D because I still need to learn rigging. But with 2D, I can at least produce something, even if it’s not amazing. But I would at least be able to produce something for a final year project. Instead of probably being stuck with 3D.

We’ll see. 2022 is definitely a year for knuckling down and getting things done.

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