Improving Workflow

I’ve been playing around with ways to improve the look and speed at which I can work.

The big new thing I’ve been experimenting with, is taking a render image of 3D models and then drawing over the top of them in Toon Boom. It makes for a more accurate looking background.

Another thing that has always plagued me is shadows and what is the best way to draw/display them. I used to lower the opacity of the brush and paint them like that. But the problem I would have is, the strokes would overlapping with varying degrees of strength. Which would mean you would have to be careful not to draw over what you’d already done. Today I worked out I could just lower the opacity of the actual layer. Which means I don’t even have to mess around with brush opacities. It also means I can tweak it in post production if I’m not satisfied to make the shadows stronger or weaker. It means I can also have multiple shadow layers using this same method.

I’ve also changed to using a keyboard key to change the brush stroke size. Since I’m used to using S in Zbrush to change Brush size, it makes sense to use one in Toon Boom too to speed up working. Even if it’s only a little faster.

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