Starting December With Flu

So things haven’t got off to the best start this month. I seemed to have a cold for a few days, then I got the flu straight after. With the fact I work a manual job, if I’m ill, I tend to just try and sleep it off when I’m not there or at least rest in bed instead of sitting at the computer. To try and recover from it a bit quicker.

One thing I do tend to do when I’m ill, is I tend to watch more than usual. I was trawling through YouTube a lot and one of the ideas I had for this module was to make an animation alongside some chiptune music.

To find out how I could make chiptune music, I searched for it and up popped a channel I like but haven’t watched for ages called Tek Syndicate. It just so happens that the bloke who runs that channel also makes chiptune albums and he made a great video explaining some plugins he recommends to make the music.

This led me on to learn what FL studio was. The program used to actually create and layout the music notes. I realised this was gonna be quite expensive but Christmas is coming so I felt like treating myself.

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