Trying 3D Software

In the long period we had off over Christmas, I started looking up 3D animation and the differences between each 3D package. Since they were free to students, I downloaded Autodesk Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D to have a play around with them. I thought it was also a good idea to jump into Cinema 4D now so I’m not too overwhelmed by it when we actually start learning it for college. So I used a tutorial I found on YouTube for it. It was really complicated, the model building was anyway. I felt like I hit a bit of a wall with it at that point so I decided to try Maya instead. For some reason, I found it slightly easier to pick up. Maybe due to the fact I’d already seen the setup of how 3D works in Cinema 4D and it’s not too dissimilar. But either way, I need to continue playing around in them and figure out how they work to try and be on track for when we jump in at college.

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